Two recordings of
Willie O’Connell’s
Tom Billy’s Favourite

Willie O’Connell’s (jig) is also known as Charlie Mulvihill’s, Padraig O’Keeffe’s.

Tom Billy’s Favourite (slide) is also known as Denis Murphy’s, Dingle Regatta, Quarry Cross, Tom Billy’s, Tom Billy’s Favorite, Tom Billy’s Favourite.

Music For The Sets Volume 2: Mind The Dresser by Various Artists

  1. Pádraig O’Keeffe’s
  2. The Frost Is All Over
  3. Tom Billy’s Favourite

Pure Irish Dancing by Various Artists

  1. The Quarry Cross
  2. Denis O’Keeffe’s
  3. Tá Mo Mhadadh
  4. Pádraig O’Keeffe’s
  5. The Barna
  6. Gan Ainm