Thirty-seven recordings of a tune named
Carolan’s Welcome

Also known as Carden’s Welcome, Carolan’s Air, O’ Carolan’s Welcome, O’Carolan’s Welcom, O’Carolan’s Welcome, O’Carolans Welcome, O’Carolon’s Welcome.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Rolling In The Barrel (a few times), A Fig For A Kiss, Bobby Casey’s, Bridget Cruise, Cahan O’Hara, Calliope House, The Coleraine, Eleanor Plunkett, Joe Bane’s Schottische, The Man Of The House, Maurice O’Connor, Miss McDermot’s, The Morning Dew, The Mountain Road, The Musical Priest, Whelan’s, The Whistling Thief.

  1. A Rival Heart by Mark Evans
  2. A Tribute To Paddy Cronin… Master Irish Fiddler by Tom Dunne
  3. A Tune For The Road by Éalú
  4. About Time 2 by Wendy Stewart
  5. Apples In Winter by The Itinerant Band
  6. At The Source by Celtic Spring
  7. Barefoot On The Altar by Chulrua
  8. Boil The Breakfast Early by The Chieftains
  9. Carolan’s Favourite by Derek Bell
  10. Celtic Echoes by Amy Krupski
  11. Celtic Guitar Dreams by Iris Nevins
  12. D Is For Dulcimer by Glenn Morgan
  13. Fonnsheen by Fiona Davidson
  14. Garden Of Butterflies by Jody’s Heaven
  15. Irish Heritage: Ireland’s Musical Tradition - CD 2: Traditional Airs of Ireland by The Celtic Ensemble
  16. Janus by Mooncoin
  17. Live at Counihans by Arundo
  18. Live at Malachy’s by Díseád
  19. O’Carolan’s Dream by Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu & Garlic Bread
  20. Otherworld by Lúnasa
  21. Sonamus - Music of Ireland: Irish & Baroque Music Meet by Cormac Breatnach
  22. Still Juggling by David Wilcox
  23. The Coming Of Spring by Cliff Moses
  24. The Irish Girl by Robin Bullock And Michel Sikiotakis
  25. The Irish Way by Robert MacGowran
  26. The Music Of Turlough O’Carolan by Patrick Ball
  27. The O’Carolan Quartet by The O’Carolan Quartet
  28. The Quiet Pint by Randal Bays
  29. The Reel Of Tulloch- Baroque Music Of Scotland And Ireland by Chatham Baroque With Chris Norman
  30. The Road From Erin—Ireland’s Musical Legacy by Dorian Recordings
  31. The Salmon’s Leap by Randal Bays
  32. The Second Story by Katie Grennan
  33. The Story So Far… by Lúnasa
  34. True…Never Been Known To Lie by Knot Fibb’n
  35. Vibrations by Dominig Bouchaud
  36. Vol. 2 - Celtic Secrets by Greg Joy
  37. Whistle Flute Favourites by Jules Bitter