Tim O’Leary’s mazurka

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Tim O'Leary's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cB|A3 E Ac|e4 ab|c'b a2 g2|a4 e2|
f2 de fg|a3 g af|ed ce a2|BE GB ec|
A3 E Ac|e4 ab|c'b a2 g2|a4 e2|
f2 de fa|e2 d2 B2|B2 A2 G2|1 A3 B:|2 A4 a2||
|:g2 eB eg|b2 g2 e2|c3 e ab|c'2 a2 e2|
f2 a2 d'2|c'2 a2 e2|b2 g2 e2|e2 d2 c2|
d2 Ad fa|c2 Ac ea|B2 g2 B2|G2 F2 E2|
FD FG A2|GE GA B2|c2 A2 G2|1 A4 a2:|2 A3 B||
X: 2
T: Tim O'Leary's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BA|G3 DGB|d4 ga|ba g2 f2|g4 d2|
e2 cdef|g3 f ge|dcBd g2|
A DFAd B|G3 DGB|d4 ga|ba g2 f2|g4 d2|
e2 cdeg|d2 c2 A2|A2 G2 F2|1 G3 A:|2
f2 dAdf|a2 f2 d2|B3 dga|b2 g2 d2|e2 g2 c'2|
b2 g2 d2|a2 f2 d2|d2 c2 B2|
c2 Gceg|B2 GBdg|A2 f2 A2|F2 E2 D2|ECEF G2|
FDFG A2|B2 G2 F2|1 G4 g2:|2 G3 A:|
X: 3
T: Tim O'Leary's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2GD GB|d4 ga|ba g2 f2|g3 f gd|
e2 cd ef|g3f ge|dc B2 c2|AD FA (3cBA|
G2GD GB|d4 ga|ba g2 f2|g2 z2 d2|
e2 cd eg|d2 c2 A2|AG FG AD|1 G3 B (3cBA:|2 G3 a ag||
f2 dA df|a2 f2 d2|B3 d ga|b2 g2 d2|
e2 g2 zc'|b2 g2 d2|a2 f2 d2|d4 cB|
c3c eg|B3B dg|A2 f2 A2|F2 D4|
EC EF G2|FD FG A2|A2 G2 F2|1 G3 a ag:|2 G3 B BA||"LAST" G6||

Five comments

Nameless Mazurka from Garry Shannon

This is the second of a set of two mazurkas from Garry Shannon’s ‘Loozin’ Air’ (https://thesession.org/recordings/1970), neither of which he has a name for. On the sleeve notes, he writes:
"Two nameless tunes in 3/4 from our Easterly neighbour, which according to Karen Tweed were possibly written by Tim O’Leary and are featured on a recent ‘Boys of the Lough’ album".
That’s all I know. I don’t know which Boys of the Lough album they were featured on, does anyone else know? (And sorry if this is a duplication, but I tried the Advanced search with a few phrases and found nothing.)

Yes, it goes kinda high, doesn’t it? 😀 It requires a bit of 3rd-position wizardry on the fiddle, and I think some alternate fingerings or something on the flute, but it’s not so hard after a couple of goes’ practice. I go into 3rd position in bar 2 for the ab | c’b a2 g2 | a4, then come back down. In the second part, I do from the end of the third bar, and then the subsequent 4 bars, all in 3rd position. It’s not so hard, and it’s a lovely tune. 🙂

Nameless Mazurka

This is called "Tim O’Leary’s Waltz" and can be found on 1988’s Sweet Rural Shade by the Boys of the Lough.


Thanks for that! The world didn’t need another Gan Ainm.

For the whistlers amongst us this tune make your ears bleed in the B part. So here’s lower version in the key of G some might find useful.

T: Tim O’Leary’s Waltz
BA |G3 DGB |d4 ga |ba g2 f2 |g4 d2 |
e2 cdef |g3 f ge |dcBd g2 |
A DFAd B |G3 DGB |d4 ga |ba g2 f2 |g4 d2 |
e2 cdeg |d2 c2 A2 |A2 G2 F2 |[1G3 A :|[2
G4 g2 ::
f2 dAdf |a2 f2 d2 |B3 dga |b2 g2 d2 |e2 g2 c’2 |
b2 g2 d2 |a2 f2 d2 |d2 c2 B2 |
c2 Gceg |B2 GBdg |A2 f2 A2 |F2 E2 D2 |ECEF G2 |
FDFG A2 |B2 G2 F2 |[1G4 g2 :|[2G3 A :|

Tim O’Leary’s - how I’ve always played it

We called this tune ‘Sweet Rural Shade’ but knew it was Tim O’Leary’s. This setting is somewhat different than those offered - and in a whistle/flute friendly key.