The Red Bee reel

By Joe Liddy

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Red Bee
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:f~B3 BABc|dBcA BAFE|F~B3 Bcde|~f2ed cdeg|
f~B3 cBAF|~E3F ABce|(3f^ga fe cBAF|1 EFAc B2ce:|2 EFAc ~B3c||
|:B2cB f~B3|afge fecA|B2cB fBcB|AFEF ABcA|
B2cB f~B3|afge fece|(3f^ga fe cBAF|EFAc ~B3c:|
|:d2d/d/d adbd|afef edBc|d2d/d/d edfe|dBAF E2FA|
d2d/d/d adbd|afef edBA|fBBA ~F3A|1 BdcA ~B3c:|2 BdcA B2ce||
X: 2
T: The Red Bee
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:fB3 BABc|dBcA BAFE|FB3 Bcde|f2ed (3Bcd eg|
fB3 cBAF|E3F ABce|(3fga fe cBAF|1 EFAc B2ce:|2 EFAc B3c||
|:B2cB fB3|afge fecA|B2cB fBcB|AFEF ABcA|
B2cB fB3|afge fece|(3fga fe cBAF|EFAc B3c:|
|:d2 d2 AdBd|afef ed (3Bcd|AdBd edfe|dBAF E2FA|
d2 d2 AdBd|afef edBA|fBBA F3A|1 BdcA B3c:|2 BdcA B2ce||
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Nine comments

Red Bee

A great reel by Joe Liddy. I think this ABC came from Devin McCabe, I had it plugged into my converter, anyway I’m not 100% sure on it so tell me if you see any errors.

This is from The Merry Sisters of Fate (Lunasa) and it follows Ronde de Loudeac nicely.

Red Beeeeeeeeeee

This is a great, lively little tune that I picked up at Scoil Eigse a few years ago. It seems to have really picked up speed in popularity over the last few years- or is that me just noticing it more? Anyway, don’t play this tune too fast, it’s a naturally rhythmic tune and needs some love and attention to bring out its best- a few well placed rolls make all the difference.



Peatbog Faeries

This has also been recoreded by The Peatbog Faeries on their disk “Welcome to Dunvegas”

I love this tune played by danú following after the humours of tulla, they both go really well together

Lovely version of the Red Bee

I picked this tune up from a Comhaltas tour that came to visit us in the friary here in Dundee quite some time ago now. I’ve just discovered this Comhaltas video of the same guy, Aidan O’Neill playing the tune, and it brought back alot of memories and especially why I went straight out and learnt it:

Great tune, but the playing is very nice playing indeed with a real sensitive delicate edge and flowing feel which I love. Aidan follows the tune with Pat Molloy’s.

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