The Poppy Leaf hornpipe

Also known as Ballyvoe #2, The Ballyvoe, Keane O’Neary’s, Poppyleaf.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Poppy Leaf
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3CB,A,|G,B, DG B,D GB|DG Bd GB dg|ed cB cB AG|Fd AF DC B,A,|
G,B, DG B,D GB|DG Bd GB dg|ed cB cD EF|G2 B2 G2:|
|:Bc|dB GB dB gd|ba gf ed cB|cA FA cA fd|ag fe dc BA|
(3BcB GB (3cdc Ac|(3ded Bd e2 dc|Bg dB dc AF|G2 B2 G2:|
X: 2
T: The Poppy Leaf
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G,B,DG B,DGB|DGBd GBdg|edcB cBAG|FdAF (3DED (3CB,A,|
G,B,DG B,DGB|DGBd GBdg|edcB cDEF|(3GFG (3AGF G2:|
(3dcB GB (3dcB gd|bagf edcB|(3cBA FA (3cBA fd|agfe dcBA|
(3BAB (3GAB (3cBc (3ABc|(3d^cd (3B=cd (3ege dc|BgdB dcBA|(3GFG BA G2 Bc|
(3dcB (3GAB (3dBd (3gdg|(3bag (3agf (3gfe (3dcB|(3cBA (3A^GA (3DFA (3eab|(3c'ba (3bag (3agf (3gfe|
B/c/d/B/ (3GAB (3cBc (3ABc|(3d^cd (3B=cd (3ege dc|(3Bdg (3dcB cDEF|(3GFG BA (3GBd g2||

Eight comments

The Poppy Leaf

A lovely illustration of how simple arpeggios and scale passages are combined to make a deligthful tune.

“The Poppy Leaf / Poppyleaf” ~ with triplets ~ back from the future

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on November 22nd 2006 by AngusF.

Worried that this might disappear in a digital puff of smoke, being a duplication, I’ve brought AngusF’s take on it here:

R: hornpipe
K: G Major
|: (3CB,A, |
G,B,DG B,DGB | DGBd GBdg | edcB cBAG | FdAF (3DED (3CB,A, |
G,B,DG B,DGB | DGBd GBdg | edcB cDEF | (3GFG (3AGF G2 :|
Bc |
(3dcB GB (3dcB gd | bagf edcB | (3cBA FA (3cBA fd | agfe dcBA |
(3BAB (3GAB (3cBc (3ABc | (3d^cd (3B=cd (3ege dc | BgdB dcBA | (3GFG BA G2 Bc |
(3dcB (3GAB (3dBd (3gdg | (3bag (3agf (3gfe (3dcB | (3cBA (3A^GA (3DFA (3eab | (3c’ba (3bag (3agf (3gfe |
B/c/d/B/ (3GAB (3cBc (3ABc | (3d^cd (3B=cd (3ege dc | (3Bdg (3dcB cDEF | (3GFG BA (3GBd g2 ||


Thanks for grabbing the variations ceolachan, I was duffed up by Jeremy today and was coming back to submit the tune as a comment.

Sorry about our hoot earlier, I really do value these additions, and I also like trebbling things myself, sometimes to excess. I confess guilt there ~ 😉 I’m glad your contribution remains…

Ballyvoe Hornpipe

On Kevin Griffin’s album “Trad Music from Doolin”, he plays the Poppyleaf as a second tune in a set of two hornpipes. The track is entitled “The Ballyvoe Hornpipes” (Ballyvoe being in Clare, near where Kevin is from) so I’ve put it in as an alternative title.

Wow, if this is Irish, then it’s a rare example of a good Irish hornpipe.


Has anybody got variations to this tune?