Fifty-eight recordings of The Swallowtail

Also known as The Custom House, The Dancing Master, The Dancingmaster, Drioball Na Fáinleoige, From The New Country, From The New World, From The Next Country, Gigue De Barnabé, The Swallow Tail, The Swallow’s Nest, The Swallow’s Tail, Swallow-tail, Swallows Tail.

This tune has been recorded together with The Road To Lisdoonvarna (a few times), The Kesh (a few times), The Blackthorn Stick (a few times), The Cliffs Of Moher (a few times), The Irish Washerwoman (a few times), The Lilting Banshee (a few times), Morrison’s (a few times), O’Keefe’s (a few times), Tobin’s Favourite (a few times), A Fig For A Kiss, Apples In Winter, The Atholl Highlanders, Ballinasloe Fair, Billy Pigg’s, The Black Rogue, The Blarney Pilgrim, The Bloom Of Youth, Brian Boru’s March, The Butterfly, Cape Breton, The Champion, Cherish The Ladies, The Coleraine, Contentment Is Wealth, The Contradiction, The Devil Among The Tailors, Drowsy Maggie, The Drummer, The Dunmore Lasses, Farewell To Nigg, Farrel O’Gara’s, The Flogging, The Frost Is All Over, Garrett Barry’s, The Gravel Walks, Harris Dance Tune, Haste To The Wedding, The High Road To Linton, Hobbart’s Transformation, The Humours Of Cappa, Jimmy Ward’s, The Kid On The Mountain, The Killavil, Langstrom’s Pony, Lanigan’s Ball, The Leitrim Fancy, The Monaghan, The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre, The Musical Priest, The New Fiddle, Off She Goes, The Old Bush, The Other High, Paddy Kelly’s, The Rainy Day, The Rakes Of Kildare, The Reconciliation, Reel Béatrice, The Rights Of Man, The Roaring Barmaid, The Sally Gardens, Set Américain, Sporting Paddy, The Star Of Munster, Staten Island, The Templehouse, Teviot Bridge, Tom Billy’s, Two Mile Bridge, The Wee Man From Uist, The White Petticoat, The Woman Of The House.

  1. A Selection Of New Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, Hornpipes And Waltzes by Winston ‘Scotty’ Fitzgerald
  2. A’ Sireadh Spòrs by Dr. Angus MacDonald
  3. An Dara by Callanish
  4. Barghest Sampler by Barghest
  5. Bye A While by Padraig Rynne
  6. Cape Breton Times by Dougie MacDonald
  7. Captain Hopper’s Mutiny by Bowi
  8. Celtic Breeze by Celtic Breeze
  9. Celtic Harp Vol II: A Following Sea by Andrea Freeman
  10. Celtic Music From Maui by AnRil
  11. Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the Thirties by The Cameron Men
  12. Close To The White Bear by Dave Swarbrick And Simon Nicol
  13. Culann’s Hounds by Culann’s Hounds
  14. Don’t Stop ‘til the Ship Goes Down by Crikwater
  15. Dram & Go by Dram & Go
  16. Elftones by The Elftones
  17. Empty Pockets by Skip Healy
  18. Epiphany by Silver Spire
  19. Finnegan’s AWake by Finnegan’s AWake
  20. In Our Own Dear Land by Micho Russell
  21. Indovinatoduo by Indovinatoduo
  22. Informal Sessions by Joe Cormier
  23. Ireland’s Best Session Tunes CD 2 by Waltons Recording
  24. Irish Cream by Irish Cream
  25. Irish Madness by Kierah
  26. Irish Rochester (CD 1) by Various Artists
  27. Irish Rochester (CD 2) by Various Artists
  28. Jack In The Box Irish Session by Tionol
  29. Jaunty Jigs & Rambling Reels by Mad Jack Of The Boneyard
  30. Josephine Marsh by Josephine Marsh
  31. Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell
  32. Kids In A Candy Store by Rick May And Gil Yslas
  33. Kilkenny Road by Kilkenny Road
  34. Like Magic by Todd Denman And Bill Dennehy
  35. Looking For A Rock by Juniper
  36. Merrily Greet The Time by Sue Richards And Maggie Sansone
  37. Michael J. Kennedy/Melodeon by Michael J. Kennedy
  38. Music In The Glen by Kennedy’s Kitchen
  39. On A Different Note by Michael Flatley
  40. On Fire! by The Cottars
  41. Party Acadien by Eddy Arsenault Et Famille, Anastasia DesRoches, Louise Arsenault
  42. Raise The Rafters by Molly’s Revenge
  43. Relative Minors by Qristina And Quinn Bachand
  44. Set The Sails by Bantry Bay
  45. Sons Of Liberty by Amadan
  46. Southwind by Glenn Morgan
  47. Spirit Of The Isles: A Concert For Beltane by Various Artists
  48. Strayaway Child by Jerry Read Smith
  49. Suas Leat by Swallow’s Tail Céilí Band
  50. Suspended Slip Jig by Folkestra
  51. Test Of Time by Lalla Rookh
  52. The Bear River Band by Bear River Band
  53. The Celtic Ray by Marcille Wallis
  54. The Friendly Visit by Frank Brunel And Vincent Rosinach
  55. The Hammered Dulcimer by Bill Spence with Fennig’s All-Stars
  56. The Judique Flyer by Buddy MacMaster
  57. Turn To Me by Bill Jones
  58. Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter by Fiddlers 3