Three recordings of
The Swallowtail
The Kesh

The Swallowtail (jig) is also known as The Custom House, The Dancing Master, The Dancingmaster, Drioball Na Fáinleoige, From The New Country, From The New World, Gigue De Barnabé, The Swallow Tail, The Swallow’s Tail.

The Kesh (jig) is also known as Castle, The Castle, Kerrigan’s, The Kesh Mountain, The Kincora, The Mountaineers’ March.

Epiphany by Silver Spire

  1. The Cliffs Of Moher
  2. Swallow Tail
  3. The Kesh

Southwind by Glenn Morgan

  1. The Kesh
  2. The Kid On A Mountain
  3. The Swallowtail

The Bear River Band by Bear River Band

  1. Brian Boru’s March
  2. The Swallowtail
  3. The Kesh
  4. The Irish Washerwoman