The Crying Daughter reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Crying Daughter
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B2eB aBgB|fgfe dBA^A|B2eB aBgB|fedB A4|
B2eB aBgB|fgfe dBAF|E2BE dEBE|AGFG _B4:|

Five comments


I wrote this for my daughter, who was indeed crying at the time. Now I can’t get more than a few notes of this tune out when she’s around without her getting angry at me.

Two tunes in one day? 😏

I notice you’re not a new member here, but it would serve you well to read the FAQs:

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You can submit as many tunes, discussions and links as you like… But please don’t do it all at once.

One tune or a couple of recordings in a twenty four period is plenty for just one person.

This ensures that everyone has time to check out the newest tunes without being inundated by a sudden flood. It also prevents any one person from overly dominating things.

Remember, it’s not about quantity - it’s far nicer to have one well-transcribed tune with some good comments than ten hastily submitted new tunes.

Anyway, The Session isn’t going anywhere so there’s plenty of time to submit all the tunes you want.

Can I submit my own compositions?

Well… The Session isn’t really intended for that. If you do post one of your own compositions, then you must do your “penance”, so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tunes. ~ Jeremy, our webmaster…

If you must share your genius with us, then consider putting the ABCs for them in your ‘details’ tab, as others have done. Be sure to include stories and inspirations attached to moves to melody. Nobody around here likes a ‘Dump and Run’ submission.

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Any inside info regarding the tune that might persuade us mustard-boarders to try out your submission is welcome as opposed to just dumping it onto the board with nothing about it.

Here’s a good example of someone who exercises that option ~ the right honourable Rev ~

He’s not alone in this practice. It’s a kick stumbling across such treasure troves, while when someone starts piling them on here one after the other, (and we’ve had as much or more than six in a row) it tends to raise irritation as opposed to respect…
Just sayin’…


I beg your forgiveness for whatever atrocities you think I have committed.