Up The Walls Of The World reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Up The Walls Of The World
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
gfed eBB2| cBBe EGGB| gfed eBcB| AGFG Dff2|
gfed eBB2| cBBe EGGB|DGBd gedB| AGFG Dff2||
gBeB dBeB| dBAF Dff2 |gBeB dBeB|DGBd e2e2|
gBeB dBeB | a3b agef| g2ga gedB| AGFG Dff2||

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Up the Walls of the World

I learnt this in a workshop by the English fiddler Flos Headford. I don’t think he knew exactly where it came from, but he reckoned it might be Irish. Reagardless of where it comes from, I reckon its a lovely tune.

It’s by Martin Reese & Paul Thomson; Red Shift played it on their 1987 "Back in the Red". Great tune; I got obsessed with it last year when I heard Paul Burgess play it, then Flos; and no sign of a cure yet, I’m pleased to say.

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Hi, this is Paul Thompson, and yes, Martin and I did make up this tune sometime back in the eighties. He came round one day with the first part and asked if I could think of a second. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’ve noticed this tune cropping up a few times on Youtube, with fewer and fewer notes. Still, nice that it’s still there. FWIW, it was originally meant as a medium speed reel, and we stuck it in a set with Tam Lin (before that suffered a key shift), Julie Delany, and one of Paddy Fahy’s.

Not easy on the flute, by the way. Martin is a brilliant mandolin player, and I made up my bit on a Clarkes whistle.


Hi Paul

I remember you playing this tune in the Colpitts Hotel in Durham on the flute in the early eighties.
Paul Archer, Dave Shaw, Kit Owens, Martin Matthews and Tich Richardson (RIP) would have been amongst the regulars at that time.

I still have it in the bag & pull it out from time-to-time. I like it on the flute particularly.

N Holmes