The Kilfenora Lass jig

Also known as Harry’s Loch.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kilfenora Lass
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
Bd |: e2 A BAG | EAA ABd | e2 A B2 A | BGG GBd |
e2 A BAG | EAA ABd | efg dBA | BGG GBd :|
|:g3 efg | eag fed | gfg eag | fdc def |
[1 gfg efg | eag fed | efg dBA | BGG GBd :|
[2 gfg aga | b2 a ged | efg dBA | BGF G3 ||

Six comments

Another Kilfenora

Was Fenora really that Bad? Excuse the joke please.
I learned this off a little tiny book with 50 tunes. Tommy Peoples Played the learning tape. Some of the book was very common. Some of the book was quite unique. I learned quite a few pieces out of that book.

Forgive me for not being specific. I’ll check it out soon enough but in the meantime - I have been hearing a tune on the Lunasa/Lunasa CD that reminds me of this number.

I like the way this tune shifts from A dorian in the 1st part to G major in the 2nd part, without making a big deal out of it.

The A part at least sounds like the tune I call Scatter the Mud, called The Noonday Feast on Lunasa’s first album.

A mistake

I think the C# was changed to a natural C which makes the
tune sound a bit weird.. :)

“Fifty Irish Fiddle Tunes” ~ arranged & played by Tommy Peoples

Published by Walton’s Ltd. / Soodlum’s / Mel Bay Publications
Waltons, 1986 ~ WMC 01024 / WM1341
ISBN: 0786615877

page 12: "The Kilfenora Lass"