Maggie McGee’s Schottische barndance

Also known as Maggie McGee’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maggie McGee's Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:edBd e2A2|edBc d2G2|edBd e2f2|e/f/edB A2:|
|:f/g/fef gfed|Beed Bee2|f/g/fef gfed|Beed BdA2:|

Three comments

Ah, at last, I’m able to view this page… Something wasn’t working the other day.

This is a simple tune I got from banjo/bouzouki player Chris Smith from Lubbock, TX.

I forget who he told me the tune was from, I unfortunately didn’t think to record that part in the class! I do remember that it was by a melodeon player… It’s a very easy tune, but it’s quite fun due to the crooked nature of the A part, as it drops a beat.

I noticed that it looked like the ABC’s were edited a bit in the A part.

In the last bar- “e/f/edB A2”, there should not be a rest (z2), it simply goes back to the repeat.

I learned it from Chris also, one of my faves! It’s on the Johnny Faa album by Last Night’s Fun (Chris’s band) as well.

It’s a Michael J Kennedy setting Chris got from Grey Larsen, who had it from the man himself (check out the Michael J Kennedy/Melodeon album elsewhere). A few bars of it also show up in the “Very Kind and Gracious” track from Grey’s The Green House album. In the liner notes, Grey says Michael got it from Magee McGee, the girl from his village who taught him to play the melodeon.