Flatwater Fran waltz

Also known as Flat Water Fran.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Flatwater Fran
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Em"B2AG ED|"C"E4DE|"G"G2G2DE|G2G2Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"G"B4dB|
"Am"A2AG AB|"Em"AGE2GE|"C"DEG2"D7"G2|1"G"G4DE:|2"G"G4Bd||
|:"C"e2d2G2|"G"B4Bd|"C"e2d2G2|"G"B4Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"Em"B2dB AG|
"Am"A2AG AB|"D"A4Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"G"B2dB AG|"D7"A2d3c|"Em"B3B AG|
"Am"EA AG AB|"Em"AG E2GE|1"C"DEG2"D7"G2|"G"G4Bd:|2"C"DEG2"D7"A2|"G"G4||
X: 2
T: Flatwater Fran
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Em"B2AG ED|"C"E4DE|"G"G2G2DE|"Em"G2G2Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"G"B4dB|
"Am"A2AG AB|"C"AGE2GE|"D"DEG2"D7"G2|1"G"G4DE:|2"G"G4Bd||
|:"C"e2d2G2|"G"B4Bd|"C"e2d2G2|"Bm"B4Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"G"B2dB AG|
"Am"A2AG AB|"D"A4Bd|"C"e2d2g2|"G"B2dB AG|"B7"A2d3"D7"c|"Em"B3B AG|
"Am"EA AG AB|"C"AG E2GE|1"D"DEG2"D7"G2|"G"G4Bd:|2"D"DEG2"D7"A2|"G"G4||
X: 3
T: Flatwater Fran
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EF|:"A"A2 A2 EF|A2 A2 ce|"D"f2 e2 A2|"A" c4 EF|A2 A2 EF|"Hm"B2 B2 AB|
"F#m"c2 BA FE|"D"F4 EF|"A"A2 A2 EF|A2 A2 ce|"D"f2 e2 a2|"A"c4 ec|
"Hm"B2 BA Bc|"F#m"BA F2 AF|"D"EF A2"E7"A2|1"A"A4 EF:|2"A"A4 ce||
|:"D"f2 e2 A2|"A"c4 ce|"D"f2 e2 A2|"A"c4 ce|"D"f2 e2 a2|"F#m"c2 ec BA|
"Hm"B2 BA Bc|"E"B4 ce|"D"f2 e2 a2|"A"c2 ec BA|"E7"B2 e3 d|"F#m"c4 BA|
"Hm"FB BA Bc|"F#m"BA F2 AF|1"D"EF A2"E7"A2|"A"A4 ce:|2"D"EF A2"E7"A2|"A"A4||

Nine comments

Flatwater Fran

Just fallen for another "Transatlantic Sessions" tune. This one written by Phil Cunningham apparently for some relative who goes rowing on…….flat water.
If you use ABCNavigator2, set the tempo to 30. If when YOU play it, slightly swing the pairs of quavers. As of August 2010, it is still available on Utube so grab a listen while you still can!

It’ll make a great "end of the session" tune in my opinion. On the recording they take it up into A major after the 2nd time through. This tune (for me) is now rivalling "Bethany’s Waltz" that I posted some while ago. See what you think.

in the 11th bar of the second part if you play a d for the a note then follow it with a b7 for the d it sounds really nice!

Kevin Crawford recorded this on his new album Carrying the Tune under the track name "Phil & Rory’s". He does it in Bb with John Doyle doing some fabulous accompaniment. Great tune!

Flatwater Fran, X:2

Just some alternative accompanying chords as I hear them on the TS video…

Re: Flatwater Fran

Is this related to the song Pretty Saro? It puts me in the mind of that song anyways.

Re: Flatwater Fran

There’s a nicer chord to do on that lovely bar 11 of the B part that’s not written on the scores above. Jim Murray plays it in the Dezi Donnelly video above:

"G"B2dB AG|"D7"A2 "Ebdim"d3c|"Em"B3

Eb diminished is the notes Eb F# A C