Memories Of Winston strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Memories Of Winston
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E| (3ABc A>E F<AE<C| A,>A~c>A c<BB<E|(3ABc A>E F<AE<C| D>FE>G A<A,A,>B|
(3ABc A>E F<AE<C| A,>A~c>A c<BB<d| (3cba (3gfe (3dcB {c}d2| (3cBA (3GAB A<A,A,>d|
c<ee>g a1/2g1/2f1/2e1/2 f2|(3fed (3cBA c<BB>d| c<ee<g a<ff<a| (3fed (3cdB c<AA>d|
c<ee>g a<ff>g| (3aga (3fga b<B B>d| c<Ad>B e<cf>a| (3gfe a>ec<A A>E|
A<Ac>A F<D E2|C<A,A>B c>BB<c| A>Bc>e f<d[df]>[df]|(3edc (3dcB c<A A>E|
A<Ac>A F<D E2|C<A,A>B c>BB<c| A>Bc>e f<d (3fag|(3fed (3cdB c<A A>g|
a<ff>g a<ff>a|g<ee>B G<EE>g|(3agf (3fga (3gfe (3efg|a1/2b1/2a1/2f1/2 e1/2f1/2e1/2d1/2 c<A A>g|
a<ff>a e<cc>A| c1/2dB1/2 d1/2c1/2B1/2A1/2 c<B B>d|(3cde (3ABc (3dcB (3FGA|(3Bcd (3efg a<A A2||

Three comments

Composer Credit…

Written by Jerry Holland.
Great tune, thanks for posting.


Thanks! The Natalie MacMaster Recording is phenomenal, and I got most everything off her "In My Hands" CD. Second Track.

Re: Memories Of Winston

This is one beautiful strathspey!