Three recordings of
Archie Menzie’s
Minnie Foster’s

Archie Menzie’s (reel) is also known as Archie Menzie, Archie Menzies, Archie Menzies’, Arichie Menzies, The Belles Of St. Louis, The Bells Of St. Louis, Rêve Du Queteux Tremblay.

Minnie Foster’s (hornpipe) is also known as The Black Swan, Down The Glen, Dr. Peter Carr’s, Dr. Peter’s, The Glengesh, Minnie Foster, Minnie Foster’s Clog, Minny Foster, Miss Minnie Foster, Miss Minnie Foster’s Clog, Sean Maguire’s Favourite.

Mike MacDougall's Tape For Father Hector by Mike MacDougall

  1. Minnie Foster’s Clog
  2. Fred Wilson’s Clog
  3. Archie Menzie’s

Old Time Wedding Reels and Other Favorite Scottish Fiddle Tunes by Joseph Cormier and Friends

  1. Miss Minnie Foster
  2. Fred Wilson
  3. Archie Menzies
  4. The Perth Assembly

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 2: The Rovers Return by Various Artists

  1. Minnie Foster’s
  2. Fred Wilson’s
  3. Archie Menzies
  4. Mr Bernard
  5. Mrs Charles Stewart Of Pettvaich
  6. The Fisher’s Wedding
  7. Perth Assembly