Three recordings of
The Atholl Highlanders
The Devil’s Dream

The Atholl Highlanders (jig) is also known as Athol Highlander, The Athol Highlanders, The Athol’s Highlander’s March, The Athole Highlanders, The Atholl Highlanders March, The Atholl Highlanders’ March, The Athyll Highlander, Duke Of Atholl’s March, The Duke Of Atholl’s March, Lord Athlone’s March.

The Devil’s Dream (hornpipe) is also known as De’il Amang The Tailors, De’il Amang The Taylors, The De’il Amang The Taylors, De’il Among Da Tailors, De’il Among The Tailors, The De’il Among The Tailors, De’il Among The Taylors, The De’il Among The Taylors, De’il Amongst The Tailor, De’il Amongst The Tailors, De’ll Amang The Tailors, Deil Among The Tailors, The Devil Among The Tailors, Devil Among The Taylors, The Devil Among The Taylors, The Devil Amongst The Tailors, Le Rêve Du Diable, Reel Du Diable.

Cirilli & Metodico by Mc & O'

  1. Cunla
  2. The Atholl Highlanders
  3. Devil’s Dream

Grand Tour: Traditional Music On Piano by Eric Eid-Reiner

  1. Tennessee
  2. The Athol Highlanders
  3. Fiddler’s Challenge
  4. Miller’s
  5. The Devil’s Dream

Live At The White Bear by Dave Swarbrick And Simon Nicol

  1. The 79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar
  2. The Atholl Highlanders
  3. De’il Amongst The Tailor