Gwerz Ar Vezhinerien waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gwerz Ar Vezhinerien
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
E2|E4 B2|B4 c2|d4 e2|d4 c2|B6-|B4 B2|
e4 B2|A4 G2|F4 G2|F6-|F4 E2|
E4 B2|B4 c2|d4 e2|d4 c2|B6-|B4 B2|
=c4 B2|A4 G2|F4 G2|F2 E4-|E6|
E2G2B2|A4 G2|E6-|E6|E4 G2-|G2 B4|A4 G2-|G2 A4|
B6-|B6|E4 G2-|G2 B4|A4 G2|E6||

Three comments

Breton Lament

This is a gorgeous lament I noticed had been requested by someone a good few years ago, but hadn’t been added. It was composed and written by Denez Abernot. The incredible Denez Prigent sings it at La Nuit Celtique 2003 here:

Lyrics in Breton and English (my translation from French):

Na pa ‘moa klevet ar c’heleier
E ranke mont kuit va mestrez
Da vezhinañ d’an enezeier
Trielen ha Molenez

O lan di ran di ro - O lan du ran-an di ro - O lan di ran di ro

Na pa ‘moa-me na klevet ar c’heloù
E ranke mont kuit mintin mat
Kerkent ha ma save ar gouloù
E save an dour en va daoulagad

Kar ar vuhez en enezennoù
‘zo ur vuhez trist ha kalet
Bemdez bemnoz e-kreiz ar poanioù
Ar vezhierien ‘zo tud daonet

En o bagoù abred diouzh ar mintin
E lakaont ar c’herreg en noazh
Faoutet o daouarn gant ar c’hilhotinn
Ha torret o c’hein gant ar gravazh

Ar beleg kozh er gador a lavar
Ez eus un Doue war ar mor
Hag un doue all c’hoazh war an douar
Evit an dud a chom ar goudor

An hini en deus graet ar ganaouenn
En deus bet klevet alies
Kerent mignoned hag amezeien
O kontant vuhez an enezenn

Va zad kozh en deus bet graet ar vicher
Da drouc’hañ an tali moan
A-hed e vuhez war ar reier
Etre Plougerne ha Kerlouan


When I heard the news
That my mistress must leave
To gather seaweed on the islands
Of Trielen and Molenez

When I heard the news
That she must leave early in the morning
At the dawning of the day
Tears rose into my eyes

For life on the islands
Is troubled and hard
In pain all day and all night
The seaweed-gatherers are cursed folk

Early in the morning in their boat
They strip the rocks bare
Their hands shredded by the strands*
And their backs broken by the stretchers

The old priest tells us
There is one God on the sea
And another on the land
For those who shelter there

He who made this song
Did often hear
Parents friends and neighbours
Tell of their life on the islands

His grandfather had the job
Of cutting the fine seaweed
All the years of his life on the rocks
Of Plougerneau and Kerlouan

*The French word is ‘kilhotin’ (Br. c’hilotinn), which I don’t know how to translate…


Also, apologies for the crooked ABC: I hadn’t noticed the L: was set to 1/8, when it should have been 1/4. I can’t figure out how to change it, so I slowed it down manually by doubling the lengths…

Great song, Thanks for sunmitting!