The Hen’s March jig

By Donald MacLeod

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Hen's March
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:dBB B2 A|BGG G2 B|BAA A2 B|BGG G2 B|
dBB B2 A|BGG G2 B|AAA ABd|1 e3 g2 e:|2 e3 e2 f||
gee a2 g|fdd d2 f|gee efg|fdd d2 f|
gee a2 g|fdd def|g2 e fed|1 e3 e2 f:|2 e3 g2 e||
dBB ABB|GBB ABB|AAA ABd|1 e3 g2 e:|2 e3 e2 d||
eaa a2 a|g2 e fdd|eaa afd|e3 e2 d|
eaa a2 a|g2 e fdd|edB ABd|e3 e2 d|
eaa a2 a|g2 e fdd|eaa afd|e3 g2 e|
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The Hen’s March

4-part jig composed by Pipe Major Donald MacLeod.

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The Hen’s March

Well done in re-listing this Kenny, the previous submission was a travesty. Another great tune by Donald MacLeod of Lewis. Probably under appreciated outside the piping and possibly Scottish dance scene as a composer. Some other well known tunes of his…. Crossing the Minch, Rory MacLeod, Wee Man From Skye, Duncan Johnstone, Glasgow City Police Pipers, plus countless others.

The Hen’s March

Although composed by Donald MacLeod, the first three bars are identical to an older march called “I’ve Lost My Way” in David Glen’s Collection; Glen’s 4th bar contains the notes B E E E.
There is an old pibroch in Angus MacKay’s MS collection called “The Hen’s March to the Midden”. The title is evidently a traditional one, as there is a quite different tune of the same name from Orkney.
In the ’60’s in Edinburgh, at a concert, Old Andrew Ross (of J & R Glen’s shop in The Lawnmarket) and a fiddler decided they would play “The Hen’s March to the Midden” for the audience, a title they both knew. But Andrew, being a piper as well as the pianist on this occasion, started playing Donald MacLeod’s jig, and the fiddler played the other tune - with resulting chaos and hilarity.


Whistle set of 3 Scottish pipe jigs. “The Hen’s March” is played twice, after “The Cat’s Dance” and “Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn”.

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