The Kruger’s jig

By Sean Ryan

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kruger's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
FDD ADD|d^cd AFD|B/c/dB cAG|1 EDC D2E:|2 EDC D2 A,||
|:DFA de^f|ged c2 A|GEE cEE|GAB cGE|
DFA de^f|ged cde|^fed cAG|1 EDC D2 A,:|2 EDC D2 E||

Six comments

Kruger’s Jig

I learned this fabulously wild jig from Jean-Claude Philippe --Fiddler from Normandie, France, who’s playing with Taxi Mauve, Gwendal, … --. He discovered this tune it in the book of Seán Ryan’s compositions : “The Hidden Ireland”. It is the, No. 10. Others compositions from the the same book are very known, not this, not yet this, but now… !
Seán Ryan’s is the well known Fiddler from Tipperary (d. 1985)

Just two small mistakes…

Jean-Claude Philippe, who learned me tis tune, has noticed that : in the second part of the tune, in the 3rd and the 4th bars, the two “d” must be changed in “c”. - Wacky, but Wise, Frog

The two ‘c’ give it the real dorian spirit while with ‘d’ the B part is just in Dmajor…

The Tune in “abc ”

I hope You can change the two false note in the second part. (I made the mistake, please give the good edition on line. Thank You ! Wacky Frog

Some Mistakes…

The abc édition is now very well, but the sheetmusic is still false…
Wacky Frog

Kruger’s jig

Brendan Larrissey and Mike Considine play this jig on “ Up the Moy Road ”. it is called “ S Ryans ”.

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