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One setting

X: 1
T: Mixing The Punch
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2 d def|ABA Fdc|Bcd efg|d2 f ecA|
FED def|efg ecA|FDG ECE|DED D3:|
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Mixing The Punch

This is an odd wee jig, which I was reminded of when looking for a recording of the tune I posted, a week ago, "The Hen’s March". The 2 jigs were played in the same set by a very fine band from Edinburgh called "Malin Head", at the "Islay Celtic Folk Festival" in 1989. "Mixing The Punch" was played at the beginning of the set by an excellent musician called Johnny Craddock who played it on mandolin. Johnny’s version was almost note-for-note of the version printed in "O’Neill’s", so that’s what I’ve transcribed here. I’ve never heard anyone else play the tune in over 20 years since recording it, so maybe it’s due a revival.

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Mixing The Punch

Johnny Cradden’s the man, Kenny, originally from Ulster. An excellent musician and a big influence to me in my musical education. I had the pleasure of playing with Johnny in a couple of bands in Edinburgh during the 1990s, and we recorded a track for an American compilation CD back then too, Johnny on guitar and me on mandolin. He moved to the Inverness area, but more recently he’s living in Glasgow.

Johnny Cradden

Is this the same Johnny from Carrickfergus in Co. Antrim? He lived near me and I knew him then if it is. I often wondered what became of him.

Johnny Cradden

Sounds like it, Sid. I saw him last week and we spent a couple of hours playing music together. He was in teaching most of the past 30 years, but is now doing the odd teaching of guitar and mandolin.