Muriel’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Muriel's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DE|:FB BA Bc|de dc BA|GA Bc df|g2 gf ed|caa2a2|
[1 Bg g2 a2|f2f edf|ed cB AG:|2 Bg g2 ab|b2 bf dc|B4 A2||
|:f2 fe dc|B2 AF FE|Dd d2 c2|B2 BA GA|FB Bc dB|
GB Bc de|1 f2 fe df|e2 eA de:|2 f2 fe dc|d4 z2||

Four comments

MichaelBolton, your notation of this tune is somewhat ambiguous - you have given the time signature as 3/4, yett the notes are grouped as 3+3, like a jig. I presume what you meant to do was group the 1/8 notes as 2+2+2. taking the 1st bar as an example:

|Fd dc de|

Or did you mean the following?:


This is not the place for a lesson in abc, so I’ll leave it at that. A lot of people seem to be having problems notating tunes in 3/4.

Easy as ABC

You may be right. Actually, it’s probably the lessons in standard notation that I need even more than lessons in ABC.

I didn’t think (realize) that spaces were significant in ABC notation. When I update the ABC notation here (to make it more consistent with your suggestion above), it appears not to make a difference to the sheet music—not immediately, at least. Is that me, or is it the ABC-to-standard renderer, or does the database have to be updated?

All I know for sure is that the MIDI version of THIS tune sounds just as it should—the tempo is right and everything. If you believe that it should be notated some other way, perhaps you could let me know off-line.

—-Michael B.

Brian Pickell

Naughty boy, Michael, for posting our friend’s tune without mentioning that he wrote it. Brian Pickell is the composer, a mandolin player from Paris, ON, who has toured and recorded with Pierre Schryer, among others. Brian now plays with his own band, The Brian Pickell Band, and also with Tramp Steamer. His tunes, such as Sourgrass & Granite, and Muriel’s Waltz, are quickly becoming standards in Ontario style fiddle circles.