En Avant Blonde waltz

Also known as A Cajun Valse.

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One setting

X: 1
T: En Avant Blonde
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2G2A2 |B3 c B2|D2F2G2|A4B2|
AGF2G2|E4 G2|F2D2D2|1 E6:|2 E4c2||
B2 GABc|B2A2G2|A2 FGAB|A2G2A2|
B2 GABc|B2A2G2|AFD2D2|1 E4 c2 :|2 E6 ||

Seven comments

Correct name pls someone

This tune has been kicking around various players in my home town, Nobody has a name or derivation. Could be Cajun, could be Breton. But a gorgeous tune

It’s on the album One More Dance And Then by the New Victory Band, where it’s part of a set of waltzes: Choices Lynch’s - Cajun Waltz - Banks Of The Dee.


Sounds more like a Hanter Dro, d’accord?

This tune is a well- known waltz. In France, it must be the first waltz you play when you learn diatonic accordion

I’ve always heard it as a cajun waltz… it’s definitely one of the first tune you learn on diatonic G/C (or D/G) accordion in France. It’s played in A minor mostly (on a G/C box), and the melody is slightly different…

And here are the words

En avant blonde, t’as le coeur tendre,

Viens donc m’apprendre à bien danser,

En avant brune, fais ma fortune,

Tu vas m’apprendre à bien valser.