Dick’s Pig reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dick's Pig
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
(^G2|:A2)D2 D>EF>G|A2D2 D2E2|F2(F/G/F) E2F2|G2(G/A/G) F2G2|
A2D2 D>EF>G|A2D2 D2E2|F2(F/G/F) E>DC2|1 D6^G2:|2 D6E2||
|:F4 G>FE2|F4 G>FE2|c>GE>G c2(_E2|D2)B2 A2(^c2|
d2)A2 F2(E/F/E)|D2D>E F2A2|B>AG>F E>DC2|1 D6E2:|2 D8||

Three comments

Dick’s Pig

Written (as far as I know) by The Bushwackers. A band from Australia.
I’m not sure it’s really a reel but anyway…

The chords they use are
|: Dm | % | % | C |
| Dm | % | Dm C | Dm :|
|: F C | F C | C | Bb A |
| Dm | % | Bb A | Dm :|

Re: Dick’s Pig

In the 80th I travelled New Zealand. Musicians gave me a local tunebook: "Jolly Jezebel’s Favourites".
Dick’s Pig is in it and I’d say it’s likely to be from that part of the world.
Unfortunately I lost track with the guys who wrote the book: Bouzoukiplayer Steve McGlone & Fiddleplayer Jeanne McGlone. The book contains 134 tunes with genuine stormproven chords.
Wow! I found Steve in the Session: https://thesession.org/members/99335
I’ll try to get the answer from him.