Midnight Fairies jig

Also known as Lucy Farr’s No. 2, Lucy Farr’s No1.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Midnight Fairies
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A3 ABc|E2D DEG|A3 ABd|egg BAG|
A3 ABc|E2D DEG|A2E G2E|1 D3 D3:|2 D3 DEG||
A2A Bcd|e2f g2e|aaa g2e|d2B BAG|
A2A Bcd|e2f g2e|afe def|e3 efg|
aaa g2e|d2d efg|a2a g2e|d2B BAG|
A3 ABc|egg BAG|BAE G2E|D3 D3||

Four comments

Composed by Lucy Farr and transcribed from a Reg Hall recording.

Lucy Farr’s no.2

Already here
I have this as the 2nd tune on a recording from 1975 on the Leader label entitled ‘The Rakes’. Lucy Farr is playing with Paul Gross & Michael Plunkett (fiddles) with Reg Hall on piano.
my own transcription varies slightly in places i.e.
‘A’ music bar 4, and ‘B’ music bar 14: || egB BAG ||
‘B’ music bar 3 || aba g>e || bars 9 & 11: || a>f g>e ||
Key: G

Lucy Farr’s no. 1 is also here.

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recorded by Lunasa

sort of…track 6 has a medley of two tunes in 7/8…the first is an adaptation/mutation of this lovely jig, and the second is equal treatment of The Connaught Heifers…