Two recordings of
The Knocknagoshel
The Blackwater

The Knocknagoshel (polka) is also known as Killorglin, MacGillycuddy’s, Paddy Kenny’s, Polca Niall.

The Blackwater (polka) is also known as The Blackwater #1, The Blackwater #2, The Blackwater No. 1, The Blackwater No. 2, The Blackwater Polkas #1, The Blackwater Polkas No. 1, Duggan’s, Glencollin’s, The Glencollins, Paddy’s, Paddy’s #2, Paddy’s Polka #2, Paddy’s Polka No. 2, Quinn’s, Ryan’s, Sonny Sweeney’s, Sweeney’s, Tom Billy’s.

Scullys Fest 2020 by Scullys Fest

  1. Mick Culloty’s
  2. The Knocknagoshel
  3. Quinn’s

The Cat's Rambles by Michael Sheehy

  1. The Munster Bank
  2. Knocknagoshel
  3. Willy Connell’s