Pierre’s Right Arm reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Pierre's Right Arm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
dA |: cAGA FD (3DDD | CD(3DDD FD(3DDD | B,DGA FD(3DDD | CDB,D A,2 dA |
cAGA FD (3DDD | CD(3DDD FD(3DDD | B,DGA BdcA|[1 GFDC D2 dA :|[2 GFDC D3 d |
|: cded cAGA | cAGA =FDDE | =F3 D G3 E | A3A Acd=f |
a=fdA gecA | de=fe dcAc | d3e dcAG |[1 (3=FDD DC D3d :|[2 (3=FDD DC D4 ||

Three comments

Pierre’s Right Arm

I prepared this ABC transcription based lines and dots that I got directly from the author. I was uncertain about the appropriateness of the Dmix mode and the subsequent accidentals, but it sounds okay when it’s played through an ABC player. Except, as you’d expect, it comes out very straight and precised, where the mandolin/fiddle/djembe trio on Brian’s "Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes" slips, slides, swings and skids.

But enough from me; here’s the author. Brian says:

Pierre’s Right Arm was indeed written to celebrate the bowing arm of Pierre Schryer. Recorded sources are: Pierre Schryer and Dermot Byrne’s "Two Worlds United", a stunning version on Tony McManus’ "Ceol More", one by Deaf Shepherd that I haven’t heard yet and also on "Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes".

—-Michael B.


Is there any chance that anyone knows the chords for Pierre’s right arm? The guitarist I am playing with is having a hard time figuring out the chords. Thanks in advance!