Portree Bay jig

Also known as Portre Bay, Portree.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Portree Bay
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:e|A>ce e2c|f>ea f>ec|A>ce e2f|e>cA B2c|
A>ce e2c|f>ea f>ec|A>Bc B<fB|c>BA A2:|
|:g|a>Aa a2e|f>ea f>ec|a>Aa a>gf|e>cA B2c|
a>Aa a2e|f>ea f>ec|A>Bc B<fB|c>BA A2:|
|:e|A>ce A>ce|f>ea f>ec|A>ce A>ce|e>cA B2c|
A>ce A>ce|f>ea f>ec|A>Bc B<fB|c>BA A2:|
|:g|a>Aa a>fe|f<ae f>ec|a>Aa a>gf|e>cA B2c|
a>Aa a>fe|f<ae f>ec|A>Bc B<fB|c>Ba A2:|
X: 2
T: Portree Bay
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:Acee2e|efa fec|Acee2f|ecA B3|
Ace e2e|efa fec|ABc BeB|cAA A3:|
|:Aaa a2e|fea fec|Aaa agf|ecAB3|
Aaa a2e|fea fec|ABc BeB|cAA A3:|

Ten comments

I have to admit

I was about a third the way through this ABC when I saw one John Kelly’s post on a forum, which I checked for accuracy and just copied and pasted to finish it off.

Here’s the post: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/group.php?do=discuss&discussionid=1952

So a heartfelt THANKS! to you, if you’re looking at this page, because you saved me a great deal of time.

Anyway, what I like about Portree Bay is how bright it is; it’s in 6/8 and that’s always lively, but it’s also got that Scotch snap like how you’d have in a strathspey.

I like to play it (on my violin) slowly, emphasizing the snaps, and then go around a second time and play it much faster with no snaps, and with some slides (when going from e to f, for example) which gives it a more American backcountry feel.

Sheet music?

I’m interested in writing out the sheet music to this one, but i’m not sure how…

Writing out the tune

Get an abc program, download the abc file and print it.
or paste the abc into the abc convertor on Concertina.net and print the file…..
You can also print the gif file when it gets posted for this tune.

Sheet music?

There is a FREE ABC converter at the following, just click on the link & it’ll take you straight to it:


just copy the ABC before you go there & paste it in the box provided. Then hit “submit”. It will show a rough sheet on the page. Above that it wiil read:

[MIDI Music File] [PDF Sheet Music] [ABC Source]

Click on “PDF Sheet Music” . It will show a much cleaner version of the tune on your screen, and in the upper left hand corner it will show icons for either printing or saving the sheet to your computer.

Hope this makes life a bit simpler for you. Have fun!


Nice tune, BTW

Seems to have the character of an old 6/8 march (as opposed to it being for dancing). Sounds VERY Scottish, as well (and not just because of the snaps in it). Nice find!


Oops! Should’ve clicked on the link for the discussion, & I would’ve found out that it is indeed a 6/8 pipe march…sorry!


Yeah, I couldn’t find a place to put this that would make it 6/8 but not a jig.

Also, Jay, I was actually wondering how to upload sheet music on *here*. How does one make that little tab that says “Sheetmusic” for this song?


We don’t do that - Jeremy, who owns this site will do that when he has the time.

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Portree Bay

Right enough; this is a highland pipe march originally, published in the Scots Guards Collection, and composed by a Skye piper. It makes a good jig, so it does.