One recording of a tune named
Out On The Ocean
With a tune named
The Kinnegad Slashers

Out On The Ocean (jig) is also known as Across The Sea, Amaċ San Ḟarraige, Clare Jig, A, Mick Mulcahy’s, O’Connel’s Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, O’Connell’s Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, O’er The Sea, Out In The Ocean, Out Of The Ocean, Over The Ocean, Portroe, The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow, The Rok And The Wee Pickle Tow, Split The Whisker, Tierney’s, The Wee Pickle Tow, The Wind Is Over The Ocean.

The Kinnegad Slashers (jig) is also known as Brian O’Linn, The Horse That Made A Hames Of His Winkers, Kinegad Slasher, Kinegad Slashers, The Kinegad Slashers, Kinnegard Slashers, Land Of Sweet Erin, The Leitrim Slashers, Leitrim Slushers, The Leitrim Slushers, O! Merry Am I, O, An Irishman’s Heart, Paddy Digging For “Goold”, Power Of Whiskey, Powers Of Whiskey, Put On Your Clothes, Twin Sisters.

Mapless Journey by Kathy Buys

  1. The Blarney Pilgrim
  2. Out On The Ocean
  3. The Trip To Athlone
  4. The Kinnegad Slashers