Take Your Churn hornpipe

Also known as Bobby Casey’s, Scully Casey’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Take Your Churn
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3ABc|d2 FA DAFA|DAFA d2 ef|geag edcd|(3efe (3dc B AGFG|
(3ABA FA DAFA|DAFA d2 ea|gfag edcd|(3efe dc d2:|
|:(3cde|f2 df f2 d2|(3gab ef gbeg|f2 df f2 d2|(3cde Ae ceAe|
f2 df fadf|gbef gbeg|ea a2 bgec|d2 dc d2:|

Four comments

Take Your Churn

Believed to have been composed by Sonny McElligott, a Uilleann Piper born in 1852, who composed it for his two daughters, who used to quarrel as to who could make the best butter, hence the title.
He emigrated with his family to the United States sometime in the 1880’s due to the second potato famine and it was thought he lived in the Chicago area. His relatives in Ireland had then lost all contact with them.
The manuscript of this tune was found in his Brother’s (Gearoid (Tinny) McElligott), concertina case, who had died in 1956.

This tune is sometimes played with Alexander’s Hornpipe in some sessions

This hornpipe has been associated with West Clare fiddler Scully Casey these days.

This tune is included twice by Josephine Keegan in her 2004 tune collection “A Drop in the Ocean”, on page 100 under the title Bobby Casey’s and on page 89 as just A Clare Hornpipe.

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