One To One waltz

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Five settings

X: 1
T: One To One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|:F2-FG Ac|d2c2d2|f2-fc cf|A2G2F2|
F2-FG Ac|~d2c2df-|f2 g2-ga|g4 ga|
af fa gf|~d2 c2-cd|fc cf cA|~G2 F2- F2|
[1 F2-FG Ac|df - fc- cA|G2F2-FG|F6:|
[2 F3 G Ac|df cA GF|~D2 C2 CD|F6||
|:a4 a2|g2 g2 gf|fg fd cA|~G2 F2 (3FAc|
a4 (3FAc|g4 (3FAc|fd cA GF|G4-G2|
ag fa gf|~d2 c2-cd|fc cd cA|~G2 F2- F2|
[1 F2-FG Ac|df -fcc A|G2F2 FG|F6:|
[2 F2-FG Ac|df cA GF|~D2 C2 CD|F6||
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X: 2
T: One To One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|:F3 G Ac|(3ded c2df-|f2-fc cf|A2 G3 F| F3 G Ac|(3ded c2df-|f2 g2-ga|g4 ga|
af fa gf|(3ded c2-cd|fc cf cA|(3GAG F4-|[1 F3 G Ac|df - fc cA|(3GAG F3 G|F6:|
[2 F3 G Ac|df cA GF|(3DFD C3 D|F6 |:a4 a2|g2 g2 gf|fg fd cA|(3GAG F2 (3FAc|
a4 (3FAc|g4 (3FAc|fd cA GF|G6 | ag fa gf|(3ded c2 cd|fc cd cA|(3GAG F4-|
[1 F3 G Ac|df-fc cA|(3GAG F3 G|F6:|[2 F3 G Ac|df cA GF|(3DFD C3 D|F6||
X: 3
T: One To One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G3A Bd | e2d2e2 | g3 dd g |B2 A4 |
G3A Bd|e2d2e2 | g2 a2 -ab|a4 a|
bg gb ag | e2 d2 de | gd dg dB| A2G2 ||
[1 G3A Bd | eg3d dB |A2G3A| G6 :|
[2 G3 A Bd | eg dB AG | ~E D3 DE |G6 ||
|: b2 b2b2 |a2 a2 a2 | ga ge dB | ~A2 G2 (3GBd |
b4 (3GBd |a4 (3GBd | ge dB AG | A6 |
ba gb ag | ~e2 d2 de | gd de dB | ~A2 G4 |
[1 G3A Bd |eg3dd B|A2G3A |G6 :|
[2 G3A Bd | eg dB AG | ~ED3 DE | G6 :||
X: 4
T: One To One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
C3D EG | A2G2A2 | c3 GG c |E2 D4 |
C3D EG |A2G2A2 | c2 d2 -de|d4 d|
ec ce dc | A2 G2 GA | cG Gc GE| D2C2 ||
[1 C3D EG | Ac3G GE |D2C3D| C6 :|
[2 C3 D EG | Ac GE DC | ~A,2 G,3 A, |C6 ||
|: e2 e2 e2 | d2 d2 d2 | cd cA GE | ~D2 C2 (3CEG |
e4 (3CEG |d4 (3CEG | cA GE DC | D6 |
ed ce dc | ~A2 G2 GA | cG GA GE | ~D2 C4 |
[1 C3D EG |Ac3GG | E D2 C3D |C6 :|
[2 C3D EG | Ac GE DC | ~B,G,3 A,B, | C6 :||
X: 5
T: One To One
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D3EFA | B2A2B2 | d3 AA d|F2 E4 |
D3EFA |B2A2B2 | d2 e2 -ef|e4 e|
fd df ed | B2 A2 AB | dA Ad AF| E2D2 ||
[1 D3E FA | Bd3A AF |E2D3E| D6 :|
[2 D3 E FA | Bd AF ED | ~B, A,3 B,2, |D6 ||
|: f2 f2 f2 | e2 e2 e2 | de dB BA | ~F2 E2 (3DFA |
f4 (3DFA |e4 (3DFA | dB AF ED | E6 |
fe df ed | ~B2 A2 AB | dA AB AF | ~E2 D4 |
[1 D3E FA |Bcd3AA | F E2 D3E |D6 :|
[2 D3E FA | Bd AF ED | ~B,A,3 B,C |D6 ||

Nine comments

One to One Waltz

I transcribed this from Tommie Cunniffe’s wonderful album UnButtoned, and I believe it to be one of Tommie’s own compositions.

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love this tune!! which i had a long F key to tackle those DF / FD s

This is yet (2014/10/28) for a short time the credits’ music of Geantrai on TG4

One To One, X:2

I have changed some of the note timing and added back all of the triplets, since I think they are integral to the sprightly sound of this tune. Tommie skips some of them the first time through, but then plays them thereafter.

Tommie plays it really fast ( in the YouTube and on his Unbuttoned album), and I have slowed it down to 75% to make it more danceable in our sessions.

Lovely tune. First time I heard it, it just stuck in my head until I decided to learn it.

Re: One To One

To my ear , the last note of the 4th bar , first line of X1 should be G , not F if you listen to the video .He then starts the next bar with F.

One To One, X:4

.. Just in Key of C for those string players like me who don’t particularly like the high B s.