One recording of
Allie Crocker’s

Petronella (march) is also known as Patronella, Patronella March.

Allie Crocker’s (reel) is also known as Alley Croaker, Alley Crocker, Allie Crocker, Allie Croker, Ally Croaker, Ally Crocker, Aly Croaker, Aly Crocker, Crocker’s.

Carriages At Midnight by Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt

  1. Allie Croker
  2. Mrs Agnes Ritchie
  3. Islay Rant
  4. The Lawland Lads Think They Are Fine
  5. Lady Elizabeth Cole’s
  6. Angus And Emily MacDonald’s Trip To San Francisco
  7. Auld Toon O’Ayr
  8. Rob Roy MacGregor
  9. Sleepy Maggie
  10. J.b.
  11. The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
  12. The Marquis Of Huntly’s
  13. Earl Grey
  14. Petronella
  15. Fleur De Mandragore