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Petronella (march) is also known as Patronella, Patronella March.

Liberty (reel) is also known as Liberty Hornpipe, The Liberty Hornpipe, Liberty Two-Step, The Liberty Two-Step, The Liberty, The Preacher And The Racoon, Racoon And Possum, Racoon And Preacher, The Racoon And The Parson, Racoon And The Possum, The Racoon And The Posum, Racoon And The Preacher, The Racoon And The Preacher, Reel De Ti-Jean, Ti-Jean, Tipsy Parson, The Tipsy Parson.

Graham Townsend's 100 Fiddle Hits - 35th. Anniversary Collection by Graham Townsend

  1. Patronella
  2. Rakes Of Mallow
  3. Don Messer’s Breakdown
  4. Liberty Two-Step