Kielder Schottische barndance

Also known as The Kielder Schottische.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kielder Schottische
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D>E|:F>G F>ED2D>A,|B,>D E>D E/E/z D>E|
F>G F>ED2D>A,|1 B,>D E>G F/D/z D>E:|2 B,>D E>G F/D/z D z||
|:A>D (3FED A>D (3FED|B,>D E>D E/E/z2E|
A>D (3FED A>D (3FED|1 B,>D E>G F/D/z2 D:|2 B,>D E>G F/D/z3||
|:f>g (3agf e>f (3gfe|d>e (3fed c>d (3edc|
B>c (3dcB A>B d>e|f>d e>f e/e/ z3|
f>g (3agf e>f (3gfe|d>e (3fed c>d (3edc|
B>c (3dcB A>B d>e|f>d e>c d/d/z3:|

Five comments

Kielder Schottische

On her 2002 album ‘Back To the Hills’, Kathryn Tickell plays this with Willie Taylor. She calls it "a family favourite" and it’s certainly from the Northumbrian folk tradition.

Kielder Schottische again

This is on the old, sorry, auld Bonny North Tyne or Ho’ly Ha’Penny LPs, forget which. Billy Ballantine, George Armstrong I think? Wonderful…auld records.

Kielder Schottische

The usual tune which goes by the name "Kielder Schottische" is in fact a version of the tune known in Scotland as "The Lad wi the Pladdie" - and that’s the tune on Kathryn Tickell’s ‘Back to the Hills’ album. However, that’s not the tune given here. I don’t recognise the tune which Joe Heckels has given us.