Lament For Oliver Goldsmith waltz

Also known as Goldsmith’s Lament, Oliver Goldsmith’s Lament.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lament For Oliver Goldsmith
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,4 B,C|D6|E4 DC|A,6|A,4 AB|=c4 AG|A2 d4|d6|f4 e2|d3e dc|AG E3D|
CD/E/ D4|CA,3 B,2|=C6|=C4 A,B,/C/|D6|E4 DC|A,6|A,4 AB|=c4 AG|A2 d4|
d6|f4 e2|d3e dc|AG E4|D4 CD/E/|D6|E4 DC|D6|D6||A de|f3e (3def|
e2 A/B/c/d/ ec|d3c d3/2c/|A4 F2|G3F E2|D3D/E/ F/G/A/B/|=c4 AG|A2 d2 d/e/d/c/|
d6|d4 A,B,/C/|D6|E4 DC|A,6|A,4 AB|=c4 AG|A2 d4|d6|f4 e2|d3e dc|
AG E4|D4 CD/E/|D6|E4 DC|D6|D6||

Five comments

Lament for Oliver Goldsmith

I believe this tune is composed by Séamus Shannon - I took it from the playing of Séamus Creagh on ‘It’s no Secret’

Lament for Oliver Goldsmith

A lovely tune, I heard Raymond Roland playing it from The White Hart, Fulham Broadway. Good old Saturday night days in the late sixties. I still see Liam Farrell occasionally. Sorry, but is your ABC text faulty, it seemed to be about a quarter of the B part ?
the Le Cheile record Lord Mayo ? had Raymond playing it.

B part

The rest is repeats of the first part (in different order, but all the notes are there) with little variations, but I thought it better not to put those in so keeping it clearer. It’s always nicer to put in your own variations. keep an eye on this space and I will publish the rest soon, but like I said, all the notes are there. I Would love to hear the other versions, I’ll keep a lookout for those. Thanks.


OK, I’ve put in the missing bit. I’ll Make a version with ornamentations and variations and post it here soon.