Hughie Shortie’s reel

By Johnny Wilmot

Also known as Dinny’s Fancy, Hughie Shorty’s, Johnny Wilmot’s, Patricia Wilmot’s.

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Three settings

Sheet MusicGDGCGAmD
Sheet MusicGDGCGDG
Sheet MusicGCAmGEmCD
Sheet MusicGCGCDG
Sheet MusicGCAmGEmCD
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Seven comments

A version of the popular Cape Breton reel.

Johnny Wilmot composed this tune.

Gabe McVarish’s setting on Daimh “Pirates of Puirt”

is basically this but with a few turns.

|:G2GA cABA|GABd g2gf|ec~c2 dB~B2|cAAB [1 AFDF [2 GABd]|
G2GA cABA|GABd g2gf|ec~c2 dB~B2|cAFA edBA:|
|:g2g/g/g bgdg|ec~c2 effe|dB~B2 gBB2|~c2AB [1 AFDF [2 AFD2|1
g2g/g/g bgdg|ec~c2 effe|dB~B2 gBB2|cAFA GABd:|2
C/C/CCz B,2zD|GABd g2gf|ec~c2 dB~B2|cAFA edBA:|

Dinny’s Fancy

From album “Waxies dargle: Paddy Ryan’s dream”, track 4, tune 2.
About D2 C2 D2 B,2 measure I approximated in that way because I could not recognize all the right notes.

Re: Dinny’s Fancy

I’d be very surprised if this isn’t here already, possibly in a different key. Certainly on a recording I have somewhere. It may come to me. Anyone ?

Re: Dinny’s Fancy

Well spotted, Connor.