Two recordings of
Hughie Shortie’s
The Traveller

Hughie Shortie’s (reel) is also known as Hughie Shorty’s, Johnny Wilmot’s, Patricia Wilmot’s.

The Traveller (reel) is also known as The Carpenter, Carpenter’s, The Carpenter’s, La Voyager, Laborer’s, The Laborer’s, Le Reel De Voyageur, Le Reel Des Ouvriers, Reel Des Voyageurs, Traveler, The Traveler, Traveler’s, Travelers, The Traveller’s, Walker St., Walker Street, Walker Street Hornpipe, Walking The Street.

Another Side Of Cape Breton by Johnny Wilmot

  1. Hughie Shorty’s
  2. Walker Street

Cape Breton Fiddlers On Early LPs by Various Artists

  1. Hughie Shortie’s
  2. The Walker Street