Sally Ann’s A Gal I Like reel

Also known as Sally Ann’s Reels.

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Sally Ann’s #2

This is the second of these tunes by Alan Kelly, Steph Geremia, Tola Custy and Donagh Hennessey. Best I could find out so far is that they are old time American, though this one definitely has the hallmarks of a Tola Custy tune to me. Unfortunately they are listed just as Sally Ann’s Reels so I’ve had to call them both that for now. I’ll change it if anyone has more info. Cracking tune played beautifully here, with nice A major bit in the second part.

If these tunes are from the American oldtime tradition, then they would be very unique and I am curious to know where they came from.

Th name Sally Ann is a name for many American tunes that have no similarity to these two tunes.

Yes, I’m not sure myself, the only info I could find was from reviews on Alan Kelly’s website…

Variety in repertoire is an Alan Kelly hallmark, and his new album reflects it. ”Sally Ann’s Reels“ are old-timey-flavored tunes placed in an Irish traditional idiom, and the interplay between Kelly on piano accordion and Ian Carr on guitar is nimble and infectious. ”

Great set, I really like both tunes. So nice to hear Donogh playing with Alan and all.

Re: Sally Ann’s

1. Sally Ann’s Reel - trad. arr. Alan Kelly
2. Sally Ann’s a gal I like - trad.arr. Alan Kelly
Alan learnt both tunes from Louisiana musician
Dirk Powell.

Re: Sally Ann’s

Thanks for the info Ade, I’ll change the name of this accordingly.