Two recordings of a tune named
The Tenpenny Bit
With a tune named

The Tenpenny Bit (jig) is also known as 10 Penny Bit, Billy’s Awake, Coffee And Tea, Jan Koop Mij Kermis, The Ten Franc Piece, Ten Penney Bit, The Ten Penny Bit, The Three Little Drummer Boys, The Three Little Drummers.

Morrison’s (jig) is also known as Jim Morrison’s, Maurice Carmondy’s Favorite, Maurice Carmondy’s Favourite, Morrison’s Aaron, Morrison’s No. 1, Paddy Stack’s Fancy, Port Ui Mhuirgheasa, Stick Across The Hob, The Stick Across The Hob, Tom Carmondy’s Favorite.

Peacock's Feather by Legacy Band

  1. Morrison’s
  2. Tenpenny Bit

The Final Fling Part One by NE66

  1. Aaron’s Quay
  2. Morrison’s
  3. The Tenpenny Bit