Maurice O’Keeffe’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maurice O'Keeffe's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj

Five comments

Tune Name

This is a transcription of the first tune in a 3 polka set on Conal O’Grada’s Cnoc Bui album. Conal has the tune name as Maurice O’Keeffe’s. The listing of the recording on this site links to a tune (Polka) of the same name, which is a different tune.

Have tried various searches to find another tune name for this one. Unsuccessfully. A Tune ID request on this site didn’t turn up an identification so I thought it worth while submitting it.

AKA John Walshe’s

Conal O’Grada plays a variation of this tune on his Cnoc Bui album and has the name of "John Walshe’s" on it.

Scrub the AKA comment above - Mistake

Apologies, I posted this on the wrong tune. Too many tabs open on my browser 🙁

Meant to put it on The Ballygow.

Huh? Confusement…

So is the tune you have posted here:
A) Maurice O’Keefe’,s
B) John Walshe’s, or
C) The Ballygow

Re: Confusement…

This tune is listed as "Maurice O’Keeffe’s" on Conal O’Grada’s album "Cnoc Bui".

It is the first tune of a three polka set on that album.

There is another tune on this site, also listed with the title Maurice O’Keeffe’s which is a completely different tune. If anyone knows this tune by another name, it would be great to know.