Cashman’s Favourite polka

Also known as John Walsh’s, The Low, Maurice O’Keeffe’s, Patrick Cashman’s, Patrick Cashman’s Favourite, Cashman’s Favorite.

There are 6 recordings of this tune.

Cashman’s Favourite has been added to 3 tune sets.

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Eight comments

Tune Name

This is a transcription of the first tune in a 3 polka set on Conal O‘Grada’s Cnoc Bui album. Conal has the tune name as Maurice O’Keeffe’s. The listing of the recording on this site links to a tune (Polka) of the same name, which is a different tune.

Have tried various searches to find another tune name for this one. Unsuccessfully. A Tune ID request on this site didn’t turn up an identification so I thought it worth while submitting it.

AKA John Walshe’s

Conal O’Grada plays a variation of this tune on his Cnoc Bui album and has the name of “John Walshe’s” on it.

Scrub the AKA comment above - Mistake

Apologies, I posted this on the wrong tune. Too many tabs open on my browser 🙁

Meant to put it on The Ballygow.

Huh? Confusement…

So is the tune you have posted here:
A) Maurice O‘Keefe’,s
B) John Walshe’s, or
C) The Ballygow

Re: Confusement…

This tune is listed as “Maurice O‘Keeffe’s” on Conal O’Grada’s album “Cnoc Bui”.

It is the first tune of a three polka set on that album.

There is another tune on this site, also listed with the title Maurice O’Keeffe’s which is a completely different tune. If anyone knows this tune by another name, it would be great to know.

The Low

This lovely polka is the second in a set of two played by John Walsh and Eoin O’Sullivan, the former a talented fiddler as well as composer of such tunes as Derrygallen Bridge and Daly’s Mill, and the latter a fantastic fiddler who achieved All-Ireland recognition after winning the trio competition. The two play this down an octave, as is written in X:2, after Munsterman’s Rambles (

A recording can be found on soundcloud here:

X:3 is this up a step for those who don’t play the fiddle or box, or just don’t like to reach that far.

Cashman’s Favourite polka (trad., arr. John Walsh)

Patrick Cashman was an accordion player from Derrygallon, Co. Cork who played with John Walsh and frequented the Scully’s session in Newmarket. He played a Paolo Soprani accordion tuned in C/C#. This meant that whenever he came to a session going on in concert pitch, and unless he was borrowing someone else’s box, he would’ve had to play on the outer row, with an awkward inside-out fingering for tunes in D. Tunes in G, on the other hand, were a piece of cake on the C row. The story is, John transposed one of the local polkas – which he did not write – from Dmaj into Gmaj, which suited Patrick’s playing. It also sounded more “fiddle-like” to him this way, so this tune became one of Patrick’s favourites.

What happened next was, The Monks of the Screw recorded both of these polkas on their fantastic 2000 recording. However, by some accident, the tunes’ titles and the stories behind them became mixed up.

Read the full story under “DAF Truck polka”, aka “NOT Cashman’s”!

And here’re some of the tunes actually written by John Walsh:

Cashman’s Favourite, X:5 (John Walsh & Eoin O’Sullivan)

Cashman’ Favourite polka aka The Low aka John Walsh’s as played by John Walsh & Eoin O’Sullivan here:

X: 1
T: Cashman’s Favourite
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DB, G,B,|D2 D>E|DB, G,B,|A,2 A,B,/D/|
ED B,D|DG G>E|DB, A,B,|1G,2 G,>E:|2G,2 G,2||
|:B/c/B/A/ GE|DG GA|B>A GB|A2 A2|
B/c/B/A/ GE|DG G>E|DB, A,B,|1G,2 G,2:|2G,2 G,>E||

The Monks of the Screw play a similar version on their recording here: