The Bugle march

Also known as Bugle Hornpipe, Cornphiopa An Bhuachalla.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bugle
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
ed|c2 A2 AB cA|dB BA B2 ed|c2 A2 AB cA|BG GF G2 ed|
c2 A2 AB cA|dB BA B2 ed|c2 e2 dB GB|1 A4 A2:|2 A6 z2||
AB cd e3 f|g2 gd e2e2|AB cd e2 e2|de dB G4|
AB cd e3 f|g2 gd e3 e|d2 e2 dB GB|A6 z2:|

Five comments

The Bugle Hornpipe

This is a fife tune from Co. Antrim. It is not the jig with the same name from "Music For Peace" by Gary Hastings And Frankie Gavin. The transcription is from the CD "Slán le Loch Eírne" by Seamus Quinn & Gary Hastings, but I transposed from BbMix to Amix (played on Eb flute on the D). There is a nice version here:

played in E Mixolydian.


I’ve just listened to both recordings - it’s exactly the same tune on both CDs. I can’t understand why you would make the above statement, Hans, nor why you think it’s a jig on the "MFP" recording. It’s clearly listed as "The Bugle Hornpipe" in the sleeve notes. I’ve been playing this tune for years, since recording Gary Hastings playing it at a Willie Clancy Week session in 1986. On that occasion Gary played it a tone lower, making use of F-naturals, and that’s how I’ve always played it.

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Kenny, I think I’ve fallen victim to this site, sorry, and should not have made that statement! I am glad it is the same tune and stand corrected. When I looked up the link under Recordings of the CD "Music For Peace" by Gary Hastings And Frankie Gavin, "The Bugle" linked to the tune "The Lady on the Boat", with various names including Bugle… : ,which is listed as a jig. Now since posting this tune 10921 the recording list points to this, and you say it is okay. Thanks! Wish I could edit posts here…


I’ve just been playing through some old tunes in "Kerr’s Caledonian Collection", and come across this tune as a quickstep called "Glengarry’s March". A few minor differences, but it’s the same tune. Could be the original, or the traffic could be in the other direction.

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Re: The Bugle

A group here in Minnesota is playing this tune as a march (referred to as "Bugle Hornpipe") in a set with Bo Bhin Na Toitean and Drunken Piper.