Twenty-eight recordings of Corn Riggs

Also known as The Corn Reeks, The Corn Ricks, Corn Riggs Are Bonny, Corn Rigs, The Corn Rigs, Cornriggs, The Cornriggs, Cornrigs.

This tune has been recorded together with The Manchester (a few times), The Bottom Of The Punchbowl (a few times), Duncan Gray (a few times), The Morpeth Rant (a few times), The Rattlin’ Bog (a few times), The Stack Of Barley (a few times), A Man’s A Man, The Blackbird, Boys Of School Hill, The Derry, George Washington’s Favourite Cotillion, The Greencastle, The Harvest Home, Hot Punch, Kalamatianos, The Marchioness Of Tullibardine, Old Grey Cat, Red House, The Ships Are Sailing, Steamboat, Thadelo’s, Waiting For The Federals, The Willow Tree.

  1. A Scottish Fiddle Collection by Bonnie Rideout
  2. Beggar Boy Of The North by Greg Stephens And Crookfinger Jack
  3. Bonny North Tyne: Northumbrian Country Music by John Armstrong, Will Atkinson, Joe Hutton, Billy Conroy, George Hepple, Donald Ridley
  4. Bun Os Cionn / The Blackberry’s Red When It’s Green by Peter Campbell & Caoimhín Mac Aoidh
  5. Community Dances: Music For Social Dancing by Various Artists
  6. Folktrax-121: A North Country Barn Dance by The Northumbrian Barnstormers
  7. From The Highlands - The Best Of Scottish Pipes & Drums by Various Artists
  8. Garvan Hill: CD 3 of 3 by Mickey Doherty
  9. Good Humour For The Rest Of The Night by Various Artists
  10. Holey Ha’penny - Classic Recordings of Traditional Music from the North-East of England by Various Artists
  11. Jack Armstrong Celebrated Minstrel by Jack Armstrong
  12. Jefferson’s Fiddle by Deby Benton Grosjean & William Coulter
  13. Joanna by The Bismarks
  14. King Of The Button Box by Jimmy Shand
  15. Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle Vol. 2 by Alasdair Fraser
  16. Listen to the Band: Dance Music from the Sound Archives, Volume 1 - CD 2 of 2 by Various Artists
  17. Mungrel Stuff by Concerto Caledonia
  18. Out West by Mick Doherty And Robert Zielinski
  19. Ranting And Reeling: Dance Music Of The North Of England by Various Artists
  20. Seal Song by Ossian
  21. Stormy Weather by Beginish
  22. Take The Bull By The Horns by Tom Doherty
  23. The Bluebell Polka by Jimmy Shand
  24. The Gravel Walks: The Fiddle Music Of Mickey Doherty by Mickey Doherty
  25. The Purple Heather CD2 by Vincent Campbell
  26. The Wild Hills O’ Wannie: The Small Pipes Of Northumbria by Various Artists
  27. Welcome to Scotland by John Macdonald
  28. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t by Alex Green