The Road Together waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road Together
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: c3 B A2 | B3 A G>D | E2 G2 A2 | B4 (3DEG |
c3 B A2 | B3 A G>D | E2 G2 B2 | A6 |
c3 B A2 | B3 A G>D | E>G c>d e>f | g2 f2 e2 |
d3 B A>G | E3 G F>A |1 G6- | G4 (3DEG :|2 G6- | G4 g>f ||
|: e2 c3 e | d2 B3 g | e>f g2 a2 | b3 a g>d |
e3 g f>g | d3 g f>g | e2 d2 B2 | A4 (3Bcd |
e>d c>d e>c | d>c B>c d>c | c>B A>B c>A | B3 A G>D |
E3 F G>e | d3 B A>G |1 G6- | G4 g>f :|2 G6- | G6 ||

Two comments

Composed by Máirtín O’Connor I believe…

Yes, at a concert in the Hammersmith Irish Centre a couple of years ago Mairtin explained that he composed this tune for his parents-in-law (I think…) who had been married for a very very long time, can’t remember exactly how long!

I believe the original key is A major, which does give it a nice bright feel!

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