Gorman’s reel

Also known as O’Gorman’s.

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Neat tune, sounds different everytime through, even though it is a bit repetitive, it just doesn’t feel or sound like it is.

Heard it at a local session, which brought it to mind.

it’s a very nice tune, thanks for sharing 🙂

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Leo Rowsome’s Gorman’s Reel

K: D
dB|: ADDD A2dc | (3AcA GB EG (3GFG | ADDD A2dc | (3AcA GE FDD2 |
ADDD A2dc | (3AcA (3GBG EFGB | ADDD A2dB | (3cBA GE FDD2 :|
|: Addc dfed | cdef gfec | Addc dfed | cAGE FDD2 |
Addc dfed | cdef g2 fg | (3agf ge fdcA | GEcE FD D2 :|

Re: Gorman’s

This “Gorman’s” reel posted above is a completely different tune from that recorded by Messrs Molloy & Keane, and Kevin Crawford. The above 2 videos [ although great playing ] have no releveance to this tune whatsoever.

Re: O’Gorman’s

As Kenny states above, this tune has been confused with
Throw Away The Keys (also know as Gorman’s) - https://thesession.org/tunes/1540

This O’Gorman’s reel appears as the 2nd tune of Track 13 of The Dursey Sound by John Dwyer (R.I.P)
and from his sleeve notes :-

"O’Gorman’s reel is included in one of the old Irish music publications - Giblins, I think.
It was delightfully plated by Paddy Cronon on an old 78 record under the Copley label."

Here’s John Dwyer playing at the Cork Folk Festival in 2014 (the 2nd tune, starts at 1:43)

Re: Gorman’s

The above quote should of course read “… played by Paddy Cronin …”
[I was wearing the wrong glasses so I could read the sleeve notes!]