A Laxity Of Morals reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Laxity Of Morals
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
A2 cA dA cA|FA cA BA GA|FA cA dA ce|fe de cd Bc|
A2 cA dA cA|FA cA BA GA|FA cA dA ce|fe de cd eg|
_g2 de ce e=g|_g2 de c=B Ae|_g2 de ce e=g|fe de cd eg|
_g2 de ce e=g|_g2 de c=B Ae|_g2 de ce e=g|fe de cd _Bc|

Three comments


composed by me, in 1996

This Tune is MEMORABLE after just one hearing!

Hey, this tune is memorable after just one hearing! This tune really goes somewhere significant! The B section is a great and wonderful contrast to the A section, which is a bit pendant–a little like a Kreutzer violin exercise with its arpeggios.
But perhaps it needs the rigidity and pendantic A section to bring out the wonderful relief to the B section with that great G-sharp!
Inwardly, I think of the A section as the Moral section and the B as the Laxity of Morals section–free from the straightjacket of Broken Chords and Tyranny of Diatonism by virtue of its blatant long G-sharp. (“I’m free!”)
This tune is well worth recording but although I’d give you credit and copyright , I,‘d know it by another name: “A Laxity of Legalism.”
(I hate the straightjacket of self-righteous religious legalism and as a Christian can’t bring myself to tell others that this great tune I’m playing is called, “A Laxity of Morals.”
So I hope you don’t mind my alternate title? Besides, “A Laxity of Legalism” is alliterative and it’s controversial.
I’d druther pick on the sins on the religious rule riters? (sic)

The title

Thanks for the excited praise. I would rather you kept the title I gave it, but I can’t (and wouldn’t want to) prevent you from calling it whatever you want to.
I do find it sad though that you find your religion such a strait-jacket that it would interfere with your playing a tune by it’s given title.
What about tunes like “the devil among the tailors” or “the devil’s dream”? do you play them? Have you renamed them?