The King jig

Also known as The King’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The King
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: G3 AGA | Bcd efg | G3 AGA | BGE E2 D |
G3 AGA | Bcd efg | edB AGA | BGE G3 :|
|: g3 efg | fed edB | gfg aga | bge e2 f |
gfg aga | bge edB | edB AGA | BGE G3 :|
|: DEG BGG | AGG BGG | efg edB | AGA BGE |
DEG BGG | AGG BGG | efg edB | AGF G3 :|
|: efg fBB | bag fBB | eBB fBB | gfe fBB |
efg fBB | bag fBB | efg fed | egf e3 :|

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Flying Pig - What’s the source

Any information on where this tune came from or where it’s been recorded?

THE Flying Pig
"swisspiper" beat me to it. If you’d posted it as "THE Flying Pig", the link would have taken you to the recording. I think it was composed by one of the band members, I’m sure they played it when appearing in Aberdeen a few years back.

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There you are….

I put in "The Flying Pig", and it’s turned up on 4 recordings, although there is no absolute guarantee that they are all the same tune.
Just to be clear, "swisspiper" was correctly referring to the band "Slide", and wasn’t suggesting that "slide" was the tune type.

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Thanks, Kenny you guessed correctly what my cryptic word meant, but I have to say, that the tune could be looked at as a a slide (?)

Duplication ~ Yes! - - - bad enough the submitter couldn’t bother to comment…

😏 Why? That basic consideration, ‘comment’, is so appreciated…

This is Not Aogán Lynch’s slide "The Flying Pig"!!!

This is Not Aogán Lynch’s slide "The Flying Pig"!!!

This is a skerries said, "The King" and a duplication…

Re: Flying Pig

All the comments on this (and the duplicate tune) suggest that this is the King’s jig, and there’s no evidence I can find that it’s called "The Flying Pig". (There is such a tune, here, but it’s not the same tune at all: ).

So, I’m going to remove the "Flying Pig" name from both this and the duplicate, leaving them as "King". If anyone has a citation to support this tune also actually being called "Flying Pig", please add it in a comment and add it back.