Three recordings of
The Boys Of Malin
The Gravel Walks

The Boys Of Malin (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Mallin, The Boys Of Mallow, Karen Logan’s.

The Gravel Walks (jig) is also known as Gravel Walk, The Gravel Walk, The Gravel Walks, Gravil Walks, McConnell’s Gravel Walk.

I Won't Be Afraid Any More by Nomos

  1. The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
  2. The Boys Of Malin
  3. The Gravel Walk

The Rough Guide To Irish Music by Various Artists

  1. The Boys Of Malin
  2. The Gravel Walks

Tuned In by Johnny Murphy

  1. The Silver Spire
  2. The Gravel Walk
  3. The Boys Of Malin