Domhnaill Mor Na Ceapaich march

By Charlie MacFarlane

Also known as Cómhnaill Mór Na Ceapaich, Dómhnaill Na Ceapaich.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Domhnaill Mor Na Ceapaich
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e|Ae e>d|e/>d/e/<g/ ed/>B/|Gd dB/>d/|ed/>B/ e/>d/B/<G/|
Ae e>d|e/>d/e/<g/ ed/>B/|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A:|
|:e|Aa a>e|g/>e/f/<a/ ed/>B/|Gd dB/>d/|ea/>g/ e/>d/B/<G/|
[1 Aa a>e|g/>e/f/<a/ ed/>B/|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A:|
[2 Ae e>d|e/>d/e/<g/ ed/>B/|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A||
|:e|A/>e/B/<d/ e/>A/B/<A/|B/<d/g/>f/ {f}e>e|G/>d/B/<d/ e/>d/B/<G/|A/<B/B/>A/ Ge|
A/>e/B/<d/ e/>A/B/<A/|B/<d/g/>f/ {f}e>e|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A:|
|:g|a/>a/a/>e/ A/>e/B/<d/|B/<e/g/>f/ f/<e/e/>f/|g/>g/g/>d/ G/>d/B/<d/|e/>d/B/>A/ G [1 g|
a/>a/a/>e/ A/>e/B/<d/|B/<e/g/>f/ {f}e>e|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A:|
[2 e|A/>e/B/<d/ e/>A/B/<A/|B/<d/g/>f/ {f}e>e|Gg e/>d/B/<G/|A2 A||

Four comments

Dómhnaill Mór Na Ceapaich

Great 2/4 March from the Daimh CD “Crossing Point”
It was written be Carlie MacFarlane, father of the Blazin’ Fiddles Fiddler Iain.

…Charlie MacFarlane….

really good transcription that!

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