Miss Catherine Jane Sprees jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Catherine Jane Sprees
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
B|:c~c~c cBA|FAF E2E|EFA cBA|c2 B- BAB|
c~c~c cBA|FAF E2E|EFA cBA|B2 A- A2B:|
|:c~f~f fec|efa cBA|cfe ffe|fga cBA|
c~f~f fec|efa cBA|cfc ecA|1 B2 A- A2B:|2 B2 A3||

Six comments

Miss catherine Jane Sprees

Track 6 of the “Bumblebees” album ‘Buzzin’. I think my transcription is pretty accurate - so that’s set me up to be shot down in flames! The tune was apparently leant by one of the girls from the playing of Brian McNeill.

Miss Catherine Jane Sprees

“… that’s set me up to be shot down in flames!…”

Sorry to say, but it’s not in D major, but A major, and I think it should be a G sharp in the B part. Not shooting you down in flames, though - it’s a good tune and you’ve )almost) done it justice. Be fleet, now - change the key sig!

Aghh!! That’s what comes of rushing. Thanks for pointing out the wrong key sig.. School boy error!

Does the manuscript version get updated do you know?

Miss Catherine Jane Sprees

No, I’m afraid your mistake will now follow you to the grave. That’s why I said be quick - you only have a short time to change it before the manuscript cement sets.

Just want to assure anyone that wants the tune that the ABC is and always was, correct. I pressed the wrong key sig when uploading hence the manscript being wrong (there being no obvious way to change it).