Snow Day slide

Also known as O’Keffe In The Ditch.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Snow Day
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|"D" d2e "F#m" f2e "G" dcB "G" AGF| "D" d2e "F#m" f2e "G" dcd "G" gfe|
"D" d2e "F#m" f2e "D" dBA "D" d2d|"G" edB "D" A2 F "D" E2D "D" D2 A||
"D" d2e "F#m" f2e "G" dcB "G" AGF|"D" d2e "F#m" f2e "G" dcd "G" ABc|
"D" d2e "F#m" f2e "D" dBA "D" d2d"G" edB "D" A2 F "D" E2D "D" D2 G||
|: "Bm" A2B "C" =c2d "C" e2f "G" g2a| "C" gfg "G" d2B "Bm" ABA "G" GED|
"Bm" A2B "C" =c2d "C" efg "G" a2g|[1 "C" ede "C" g2e "G" B2A "G" A2 G :|[2 "C" ede "C" g2e "G" B2A "G" A2 e ||

One comment

Snow Day Slide.

Sitting around snowed in on Feb. 1st in Kansas. I started with the O’Keffe’s slide rhythm and then came up with this "Snow Day" Slide (?) using the same note patterns (for the most part.)