Kathleen’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kathleen's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:dc/d/ fe|dB Bd|e>f ed|cA Ac|
dc/d/ fe|dB Bd|c/B/A Bc|1 B2 Bc:|2 B2 f>g||
|:af ge|fd de/f/|gf ed|cA A>e|
fd ec|dB cA|c/B/A FA|1 B2 Bf/g/:|2 B2 Bc||

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“Kathleen’s Polka” ~ composed by Matt Cranitch

Dedicated to his mother Kathleen Linehan. Here’s hoping Matt won’t mind me adding his composition to this database, since someone was recently asking for this… It’s late, my brain is fried, there’s some red wine in the mix, but I hope I’ve done a reasonable job on the transcription… 😏

CD: “Sliabh Notes: Along Blackwater’s Banks”

X: 2
T: Kathleen’s Polka
C: Matt Cranitch
S: “Sliabh Notes: Along Blackwater’s Banks”
N: track 13, tune 2 of 3

Mea culpa!

Apologies to those who have sent me questions and chores, things to look at, chase up for you, and consider. You are not forgotten. I welcome these pleasant distractions from the potholes and seismic activity I’ve had to wobble through clumsily and navigate clueless lately. I too easily succumb to worry, especially when it is loved ones and they are beyond our reach, or when it is something afflicting them where it seems like there’s little that can change for the better for them. When feeling so helpless music is one medicine I will always welcome, and friendships, near and far. Music is better than anything that has ever come in a pill, potion or salve, and true too of friendship..

A friend in the digital quagmire - ‘c’

“The Irish Fiddle Book” ~ by Matt Cranitch

ISBN: 1-900428-90-3
CD Edition - includes the ‘Demonstration CD’ mentioned below…
# ISBN-10: 1-900428-67-9
# ISBN-13: 978-1900428675
Mercier Press ‘88 / Ossian ’93 - OMB 128

I’m always ready to promote a good thing, and this is a gem, whether or not the fiddle is your instrument of choice, and not forgetting the accompanying recordings:

“The Irish Fiddle Book: The Art of Traditional Fiddle Playing - Demonstration CD”

“Give It Shtick”

“Take A Bow”

That’s for those who may stumble here and not know about these excellent resources. I’m still waiting and hoping for Matt’s work on the fiddling of Padraig O’Keeffe, of Sliabh Luachra fame, based on his thesis.

Thanks for the lovely tune!

There’s a touch more pathos in this than I usually expect from a polka. It also plays nicely at both standard polka tempo and at a slower pace.

Thanks, ceol, for posting it!

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I find myself wanting to play…

the penultimate measure this way:

| c/B/A Fd |

Perhaps, just the second time through.

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Yes, I like that lift… 😉