The Walrus reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Walrus
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:Bd|e2A2 BABd|egfd e2dB|Gd (3ddd BABd|e2ge dBcd|
e2A2 BABd|egfd e2dB|GGBd edBG|A2A2 A2:|
|:Bd|e2a2 eedB|egfd e2dB|Gd (3ddd BABd|e2ge dBcd|
e2a2 eedB|egfd e2dB|cddB GABG|A2A2 A2:|
|:Bd|eA (3AAA BABd|egfd e2dB|cddB GGBd|e2ge dBcd|
eA (3AAA aAAg-|gAfA e2dB|GGBd edBG|A2A2 A2:|
|:eg|a2eg aged|egde a2ge|d2eg dB (3BBB|e2ge dBcd|
[1 eaag edge|aged e2dB|cddB GABG|A2A2 A2:|
[2 eA (3AAA aAAg-|gAfA e2dB|cddB GABG|A2A2 A2||

Seven comments

The Walrus

A great pipe reel by P/M Robert Mathieson. There is a setting going around in 2/4 stuffed wih highland pipe gracing. This setting is more suitable for other lead instruments.
Great tune.

Thanks Noel

I heard Scots piper playing this a couple of years ago and he was rippin’ it so I requested it on here and forgot about it. Your setting has some good variations. I’ll give it a crack!

Lúnasa Version

Is this the same version of the tune as that played by Lúnasa in their album The Kinnitty Sessions? I listened to it slowed right down and tried to play it along in my head. It didn’t seem to match. If anyone knows a variant of the tune that matches Lúnasa’s version, I would love it, as it is one of the best tracks EVER on the Low D whistle.

Lúnasa’s tune here:

Different tunes altogether……………..

From what I remember, “Lunasa’s” “Walrus was so called because at one point Kevin Crawford was playing 2 whistles at the same time, and looked like………………….a walrus.
Nothing whatsoever to do with Robert Mathieson’s tune posted here.
I think “Lunasa’s” “Walrus” was “Paddy Taylor’s” 3-part reel, or possibly the “Four Courts”.

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Just for a second…

…thought ths might have been a Beatles tune dressed up in Irish traditional clothing…found it wasn’t obviously …then wondered about trying to play I am the Walrus on the banjo…I’ll let you know if anything sensible emerges…

Kevin the Walrus…

Well if you happen to have a video of Kevin Crawford playing two whistles at once I would be more than grateful to see it!!! I’ll keep looking for the Lúnasa version.

Lúnasa Version is The Four Courts Reel.

Thanks who posted Four Courts message.

I’ve wanted to learn that tune ever since I picked up a Tony Dixon whistle! And does anyone know if the Chieftain Low d whistles are any good? I suppose I’d like a change you know?